Tuesday, December 15, 2009

3 months already?

I never really knew what mothers meant when they said “cherish the moments when your children are little; they grow up so fast!”

Now that we have already reached the 3 month milestone I can definitely relate, yet it seems like a really long time ago that I gave birth (if that makes sense). Alaina has gone from a newborn that practically came with a “handle with care” sign, to a baby that you can throw over your shoulder, balance on your hip, sit on your lap and throw in the Baby Einstein or Bumbo when you need a break.

Alaina has also become a very smiley, yet loud and talkative baby who makes me laugh so hard that I sometimes cry. I wish I could install mini cam-corders in my eyes so that I could have every precious, funny and sweet moment to look back on and remember every little thing she has done. But for now, I have my mom and mother-in-law as my personal photographers to capture all the wonderful moments for my scrapbooking needs… which I happen to need to catch up on!

The next 3 months will probably go by even quicker as our little one grows more and more every day and soon will be sitting up on her own and crawling. But at least after these next couple of months Alaina, Adam and I can finally reunite as our little family for a couple of weeks during R&R… a time that I am so looking forward to!!!