Monday, November 9, 2009

One month down and a ways to go…

Well, it has been one whole month since Adam left for his second (and last!) tour in Iraq, but it seems as though we have been apart for much longer. Adam has gotten settled into a routine for the most part. He started off having his own room to himself, but that eventually came to a halt and he was forced to move into another room with a roommate, who he says is quite messy and that mess can seem unbearable when you are stuck in a room with another grown man that is smaller than a college dorm room. Adam has started his workout routine though and this keeps him motivated and busy! He also has a group of guys that he plays poker with on Friday’s after work. He says they party late… getting all hopped up on caffeine filled drinks like Mountain Dew!

Alaina is now over 2 months old and I cannot believe it… though it seems like we have had her forever! She has her 2 month well visit tomorrow with the doctor and I am very interested to see how much she weighs! She is packing on the pounds and seems to get heavier every day. Alaina’s development is definitely noticeable and everything she does is so amazing to me! Before we had a baby I always thought the big milestones were sitting up, crawling, talking and walking and a few others. Now I know that everyday brings something new and incredible. She has definitely found her voice and loves to talk! She coos and smiles when she is happy and yells at you from the other room when you are vigorously in the kitchen trying to heat up that bottle! She also knows what it means when you wrap the bib around her neck. She gets a sly grin that says, “Oooooh…. I know what time it is!!!” Alana has also become fascinated with her tongue and constantly sticks it out and licks her hands, or whatever else she can get a hold of. I have noticed that she is a lot like her dad! She hates to be left alone, even during nap time because she doesn’t want to miss anything and loves to constantly be around people. She sleeps like Adam, thrashing around in her sleep, waving her arms everywhere (sometimes hitting herself in the head) and sometimes she whispers in her sleep just like him. Alaina also has the crazy Adam toes that are constantly wiggling! I don’t know what she gets from met yet… loving to eat I guess!

This week should be much more calm and relaxing for me (knock on wood) as the condo is officially sold and out of our hands! Adam’s truck (which was hit 2 weeks ago) will finally be done with repairs tomorrow and I will have a vehicle again so we can get out of this house during the day! So as some things that were very stressful for me have come to an end, I can finally move forward and enjoy my days with Alaina, getting ready for the holiday season, the new year and looking towards the day when our other half will return and make us complete once more!

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